Rally Training



Rally is the very latest dog sport to be recognised by the Kennel Club.  It’s fun and no matter what level you and your dog may be at it’s easy to get involved and start training and competing.

Rally involves you and your dog working as a team to navigate a course with numbered signs indicating different exercises to perform; think of it as a sort of ‘obedience exercise obstacle course’ including simple exercises.

The course is set by the judge or trainer.  There is no pause between exercises – you and your dog work briskly through the course without direction from the judge. You are encouraged to talk to and praise your dog during the performance. Any dog can get involved; your dog does not have to be a pedigree dog to take part, but if you want to compete it must be registered with the Kennel Club on either the Breed Register or the Activity Register.  There are options for the dog both on and off lead depending on the Level you are working at.

Course Details

Dogs need to have completed Puppy and some Basic Training before they can do Rally. There are six levels of competitive Rally. New handlers will start at Level 1 as you become more experienced you can qualify for the next level up and then advance up the levels to Level 6.

The exercises range from heelwork, to a recall, control exercises such as a Halt – Sit and Halt – Sit – Walk Around. Level 1 is performed on-lead and consists of 10 – 15 exercise signs. As you progress through the levels the exercises obviously become more difficult until you reach Level 6 which is performed off-lead and consists of 15 – 17 exercise signs.

Where, When and How Much?

Rally Training is not currently available.

In order to attend a class, you must be a member of the society and membership costs £15.00 per person per year while each course session costs £18 per dog. 

Once a member and assessed, you and your dog can book in advance for your Rally trainings.

Progressing to competing

Rally handler/dog teams compete in their lowest eligible class from Level 1 to Level 6. They may also compete at the subsequent level. Progression to the next level does not require wins or placings. Progression is dependent upon gaining three Excellent scores, under three different judges, or six qualifying scores under four different judges.

Levels 1-4 have a qualifying score of 175 out of 200
Levels 5 and 6 have a qualifying score of 180 out of 200

In all levels a qualifying score of 190 or above equates to an excellent score.  More information can be found at https://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/activities/rally/new-to-rally/competing-in-rally/

What to Bring

For each class, we recommend that you bring along:

  • Your dog wearing a collar
  • A lead(preferably leather but definitely not chain or extendable please)
  • A bag of small treats ideally in a bum bag which is easily accessible
  • A favourite toy
  • A retrieve article – normally a wooden or plastic dumbell (can be purchased from the Society)
  • Dog poop bags

We also suggest that you wear trousers and comfortable shoes.


For the safety of your dog and others, we recommend the full course of vaccinations to be completed prior to attending but if not taken this is at your own risk.  Additionally, we cannot allow bitches in season.