Newbury & District Dog Training Society

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2nd MAY 2016



Team Manager - Doreen


The day started well, with nearly everyone turning up early and ready to work.  Angie and Carol and some willing helpers began erecting the big tent whilst others secured the Newbury DDTS Banner to the goalposts, which had made a welcome appearance again.   More members collected the rings and ropes and were doing their best to get the ring square and in the correct position.


When the big tent was finally secured and looking great, Angie and Carol took Carol's tent to our ring and erected it there for Brian Reed, our judge, and his team to use whilst judging.


Roy and Karen had set up their 'kitchen' and the wonderful aroma of frying bacon was soon titillating our noses encouraging us all to hurry up and get our tasks done so that we could get our teeth into the bacon butties. 


The ring numbers were given out and all the team members started working out where their rings were and about what time they would be 'in the ring'.  Dogs were walked and watered, and everyone readied themselves for the off at 10am.


We had been drawn first to work in the new Class 8.  It was a totally unknown quantity so quite exciting for everyone.  There were five tasks – Heelwork, Retrieve, Novice Recall, 'A' Recall and a Sendaway.  The judge was a little unsure of the rules and had made the Sendaway a little to narrow considering that it could be a total beginner attempting it rather than the usual 'B' or 'C' handler.  Once this was all cleared up our team entered individually and did a stunning round.


When we got back to our 'camp' we found a long table set with a lovely tablecloth, a candelabra, flowers, glasses etc etc and Kate and Trish, the 'culprits', in situ. All very 'posh' for a dog show but nonetheless very welcome.


One by one, each team went on their way to their rings to work - some with fear and trepidation, others happily skipping along chatting or singing to their dogs.


At 11am the stays began.  This was usually Roy's undertaking but this year as he had been poorly, Carol helped by Angie, took on the mantle and did an excellent job.  There was only one misdemeanor when Petersfield failed to show up for their turn, so Angie and I did them ourselves.


It was soon lunch time and Karen and Roy had cooked up a delicious meal for our Judging team.  Our other team members were offered a three course meal from the Long  'decorated' Table, which included non alcoholic wine!


Gradually all the teams had worked and all the stays were done and there was no more we could do so we all relaxed in our chairs with a cuppa whilst we waited for the Rally Secretary to work out the team placings and the individual winners and placings.


After our much needed cuppas, we all took our chairs, and cars, over to the main tent and eagerly awaited the results.  But, before we had even heard all the speeches, the prelude to the  results however, it started to rain.  Well not rain, it was more like a cloudburst.


As if it had been rehearsed, everyone rushed to the gazebo and struggled to get under the roof to try and avoid getting 'drowned'.  It didn't work. But inevitably, we still got soaked and were packed together tighter than sardines. Very sociable but not too  comfortable.


So the results were announced under difficult circumstances and unfortunately no-one  was able to record the individual winners as there was no elbow room and any attempt to write on paper was useless as the rain soon made the paper into pulp.  But we were very proud of those members who did obtain a rosette or two. 


Our best result was in the newly introduced Class 8 where we finished in Fourth place.  A brilliant result as it involved five team members from five different classes, making it a real team event.


So after all the announcements and presentations were made we went, soggy, to our cars, climbed in and set off home, happy but wet, and all hoping that it would be dry next year.













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