Newbury & District Dog Training Society

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HAYDOCK DAY 23 October 2016

Photographs of the event can be found at:-

After a great day of competing, eating, drinking and laughter the winners were:


Junior Handlers

1st   Loulou and Poppy

2nd   Edward and Millie

3rd   Hannah and Oscar

4th   Danielle and Kite



1st     Jenny and Pip                                                 

2nd   Loulou and Poppy

3rd    Edward and Millie

4th   Hannah and Boris

5th   Claire and Oscar



1st    Chris and Percy

2nd    Jane and Neville

3rd     Hannah and Boris

4th    Claire and Oscar



1st    Claire and Brian

2nd    Margaret and Sam

3rd    Sarah and Benji

4th    Caroline and Dubbin

5th    Chris and Percy

6th    Rosemary and Chloe



1st    Avise and Pippa

2nd    Linda and Spirit

3rd    Sarah and Benji

4th    Margaret and Sam

5th    Wendy and Bracken

6th    Caroline and Dubbin



1st    Angela and Dora

2nd    Margaret and Sam

3rd    Linda and Spirit

4th    Avise and Pippa

5th   Rosemary and Chloe

6th   Wendy and Bracken


Class 'A'

1st    Sue and Kite

2nd   Joe and Zac

3rd    Margaret and Sam


Class 'B'

1st    Sue and Kite

2nd   Angela and Isla

3rd    Joe and Zac


Class 'C'

1st    Carol and Barney

2nd   Jackie and Merlin