Newbury & District Dog Training Society

a non-profit


  1. New Operational Rules

    Should you or anyone in your home be unwell please do not attend class for 14 days

    No chairs or spectators in the training room

    Only handlers and their dogs will be allowed in

    Maximum of 8 per class allowing 4m x 4m per dog and handler and 2 trainers down middle

    All course handouts will be emailed

    The complete hall floor will be matted and zone areas identified on the walls

    Everyone will have to wait outside until they are invited to come in socially distanced for their class

    Every class will enter at main door and leave from hall door to balcony area – so we will operate a one-way system

    Gate at end of balcony will be closed during class and side doors will be left open along with top windows for ventilation so come wearing what you will do your class in as nowhere to put anything and maybe chilly.  Strongly advise you wear a bum bag to contain all you may need

    The kitchen and toilets will not be accessible with the exception of the Disabled Toilet

    No one is to touch anyone else’s dog and no trainers to touch handlers dogs or leads without gloves on which will be provided so if they have to help physically with a dog they can safely do so and then gloves disposed of and new ones worn

    Hand sanitiser on way in compulsory in the lobby before you enter and on way out optional but provided and recommended on outside balcony area

    Masks or Visors to be worn by all in hall attendees

    All lead trainers will have their own headsets to avoid cross contamination

    All classes will have to be pre-booked and paid by bank transfer no drop ins allowed

    No new assessments to be undertaken for the time being existing members will be given priority

    Puppy course will remain 6 week program everything else will be monthly (4 weekly) program and all paid in advance by bank transfer

    No increase in class costs this year still £2 per weekly class for the monthly’s but paid for entire month in one go in advance so a cost of £8 per month

    All trainers and assistants have completed an online COVID training course


  1. Class Timings

    Puppy 1 6.30pm arrival for pre class socialisation under guidance 6.40pm start and end at 7.10pm
    Puppy 2 7.10pm arrival for pre class socialisation under guidance for 7.20pm start and end at 7.50pm end
    Beginners 7.55pm start and end at 8.25pm
    Intermediate 8.30pm start and end at 9.00pm
    Advanced 9.05pm start and end at 9.45pm

    The advanced class will initially be outside whatever the weather earlier than scheduled above which will be from 7pm till 8pm until no longer light enough and then will resume indoors as detailed above

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